Settling in to the new year – The Oracle

Great news today, we have the first update of the week!

Shades of Vengeance has just signed a contract with Sanchit Sharma to start development of his FATE module; Marked for Death. You can expect to see a new page for this game soon. Assassins are fun any day of the week, magical assassins even more so – I’m excited to see more of this one! I can’t tell you much right now but keep your ears tuned as we go along and I’ll slip all the best details to you as I get them.

Are you counting the days until the October MCM Comicon? Well, good news! I was just informed that not only will Shades of Vengeance be attending the event in October, but in case you can’t possibly wait that long, we will also be attending the MCM Comicon in May of this year. Set your favorite shows to record, have your roommate water your plants and pack an overnight bag. We expect to see your smiling faces there!

I can hear some of you grumbling in the background and I know what you’re going to say. “But Amy, I live in Canada or the U.S. or the Republic of I’m Totally Broke!” Well, don’t spring a leak. We’re actively looking into attending Anime North in Toronto Canada for all you folks that can’t make the trip to London. That’s just for you; because we care.

More updates will be coming later this week for Era: The Consortium, Order of the Link, Amazing Space Adventures and Era: Lyres!


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