Spotlight: Why we love Era: Lyres

Greetings Roleplayers, Storytellers, and those who love a laugh!

With one of our favourite conventions, CON-Tingency, on the horizon, I thought it was time to tell you a little bit more about Era: Lyres; our take on low fantasy storytelling. This is a game about grabbing all the glory with none of the bloodshed (because that sounds dangerous!).

We have combined the best elements of roleplaying and co-operative problem solving – after the players think up a brief idea, such as ‘that time you robbed a dragon’s horde’, you each take turns regaling the audience of the tavern, ballroom, or even palace with your heroics.

But watch out! you may have to roll for displays of your prowess… and fix your story in the process!

This flexibility is why I think it’s awesome – on top of the Gamemaster providing you with a (hopefully) engaged audience, your teammates provide you with plenty of opportunities for recurring jokes, thinking on the fly and general silliness as you build your story turn by turn.

This is also a perfect foray for first time roleplayers who want to learn about staying in character, so grab your dice, character sheet and broadsword!

The Adventure awaits on our store! –

— Leo