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Are you ready to have an adventure of mythic proportions, vanquish demonic beasts with a one eyed stare down and capture the heart of a little town called Yarnolth?

The Lyres Kickstarter is out and funded! Now, it’s onward to those Stretch Goals. Don’t wait another minute, this is officially your chance to get in on all the fun. We’ve tested it and perfected it and we think you’re going to love this game of creative storytelling. Everyone who’s played it has been a huge fan and we can’t wait for more people to be a part of the experience.

So, other than a chance to get your very own copy, support an independent game design company, and be a part of making this dream come true… why should you back this game? For the rewards of course!

We have a variety of rewards to make choosing your pledge more fun. You can select from digital and physical copies of the rule book, a comic detailing the adventures of a famous group of Lyres, pre-made sessions, a hardcover copy of the rulebook, and combinations of all the above. You could even choose to have a session run by our very own Game Master and the creator of Lyres; Ed Jowett.

We’ve also got some Stretch goals we know you’re going to love. If we reach our goals then Travis Hill, the author of the Ability series of books, has agreed to join our writing team for a special story. Also, Dramascape will create a map of Yarnolth that will be delivered digitally with every rule book. This map will be in a style you’d expect a Lyre to carry, with plenty of helpful notes about where to be and where not to! These are both fabulous additions to the game and I’m excited to see how far we can get. There are so many reasons to support Lyres, I don’t have space for them all!!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your flagon of ale, gather your best mates and think up your most outlandish plan to save the Magistrates daughter from that collapsed gold mine.

Secure your place in history with Era: Lyres!

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