Era: Hitman tabletop rpg game

Store and YouTube Releases!

Hi everyone!

We have a wonderful new team member, Angel, and she’s been helping me to get several of the books that we never quite got up on the website onto the store!

As a result, you’ll see quite a few new items if you look at the store now, particularly a lot of “Character Sheet Packs” for Era: The Consortium and Era: Survival. They are all free, so check them out on our Store:

We’re also doing loads of actual plays for Era: The Consortium, Era: Survival and Era: The Empowered, recorded from the Discord games and edited by yours truly! You can join the YouTube channel to see those:
We’ve also added several playlists to help you find what you’re looking for – look for the game name and “Actual Play”!

Don’t forget that you can join us on Patreon for monthly rewards like Wallpapers and sessions! is the place to go.

There’s more coming, so watch this space… we’ll be back before long!

– Ed

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