Survival is Necessary – The Oracle

Today I’d like to take a minute and talk about Era: Survival. By now you probably know that it’s not like anything else currently on our roster. I’m not just talking about the dark landscape and gritty story. This game is going to have some unique elements that we haven’t given to any other game.

The world will be entirely fleshed-out which is going to be reminiscent of Consortium and yet it won’t have those long periods of history. Quite frankly, in this world no one gives two hoots about what happened in the past. Survival is in the present, it’s what’s happening right now!

You can expect to see a large number of detailed locations with loads of different factions. All of that is going to be covered in depth with the book and there will be plenty of examples of different kinds of sessions. We’re putting everything we’ve got behind this game because we believe it’s got great potential. So, stick around and keep tabs on this one. I think you’re going to like it!

We’ve got more art coming in and more news next week so I’ll see you then!


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