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Our time at MCM Comicon was fabulous. We got a chance to show off so many of our great games, including Amazing Space Adventures and Order of the Link. We also got a chance to meet with fledgling game designers who want to put their ideas down and make their dreams a reality.

One of those designers has decided to explore how Shades of Vengeance can help their journey through the rigorous process of creation. This new game will be based around a really interesting premise and up to this point we haven’t had anything quite like it.

It will be set in a historical age, approximately the 1800’s. In this new vision the world is coming to a point where magic, which was once useful and integral in society, is now being replaced by new technology such as muskets and cannons. It’s the end of a magical era and you get to take part! I like it already and can’t wait to hear more information from Ed.

In other game news; Marked for Death is heading towards Kickstarter! I know I’ve been saying this for weeks and you’re probably thinking, “stop getting me all jazzed up and just tell me when it’s coming out!” Well, I’d love to but we don’t have a solid date just yet. Now that MCM is done and dusted we’re going to be able to focus on putting the finishing splashes on this event and just as soon as I know when it’s going to happen I’ll let you guys know. So…keep on your toes and very shortly I’ll be able to give you some good news.

Does all this new game stuff make you itch to jump in the pool with everyone? Our team has a load of fun creating RPGs and we want you to join us! If you’ve got an idea for a game, even if it’s something that’s been rattling around in your brain and you’re not sure if it’s good enough to produce…throw us a line! We’ll tell you honestly what you can expect and how to proceed with creating your game. We now have a direct link for designers so please check us out here at

See you next week!

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