The Consortium – A History in Profiles: Ixitixl – The Oracle

In the list of The Consortium’s unsung heroes there is one figure who stands above the rest: Ixitixl, the Ximian commander behind the Resistance fighting force, Stiletto Unit.

This crafty Ximian is responsible for engineering the daring missions that made Stiletto unit a legend. It was his brilliant command which led the team to their recognition in the Resistance but when the honors are handed out, it somehow always seems to fall short of this underestimated figure of history.

Ixitixl came from a position of obscurity on Verbeia where he lived a quiet life. Like most Ximians, he had a plethora of brothers and sisters but he formed a special bond with one brother in particular. Itshtaxeko and Ixitixl were close as any two brothers could be.

During a routine visit by Smertios Security one of the living domes collapsed due to an accidental release of toxins. Nearly 100 Ximians perished in the ensuing weeks of the deadly chemicals release. Though some survived, Itshtaxeko was fatally exposed to the toxin.

Itshtaxeko confessed to Ixitixl that he had seen something suspicious shortly before the collapse. Something which made him question everything he thought he knew about the Consortium. Ixitixl vowed to investigate the accident further upon his brother’s death.

What he found convinced him that Itshtaxeko had been right. It was planned genocide. The word burned in his blood. Fueled by the discovery of betrayal by the Big Seven and anger at his brother’s death, Ixitixl joined the Resistance where he found that his talents as a Ximian Politician were highly sought after.

Once he joined the Resistance, he was quickly assigned as the Unit Commander for Stilleto Unit – he directed their activities for years, until their fateful mission to destroy the Caladbolg weapon. Check out our comic, Last Stand of Stiletto Unit to experience the action of that memorable event (and a glimpse of Ixitixl himself when he recruits Styxtirian!). His leadership may have been overshadowed by the heroism of his crew but we will not forget his part in this historic moment of the Resistance.

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