The End is Near! – The Oracle

That’s it folks. Return your seats to their upright positions and stow your trays, our flight is about to land. The last shipment of Hardcover editions for the Consortium rulebook have arrived. We have¬† copies that will be sent out to a few more backers as well as a couple that we’ll keep on reserve for conventions.

This just about marks the end of our Kickstarter project which means that Era: The Consortium is right now “In Production”! With your help we have a full rulebook written, designed, produced and ready to play. Thank you again for believing in us and for believing in this game!

Before I leave you today I want you to imagine something. I want you to imagine that you’re the highest trained secret operative in the Consortium universe and that you’re wielding technology only a handful of beings know exist. With that much power, what would you do… how far would you go to get your job done?

Next week I’ll be giving you a snippet of our Secret War expansion with a little story about the Shades. If you’re going to keep secrets you better expect someone will try to take them.

Until next time!

– A

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