What does Ed do all day?

Hi everyone!

Well, Dice and Stuff are planning to put an interview with me out today as part of their “Behind the Dice” series, so if you’re really wondering what I do and why I do it, that’s the place to start! I’ll edit this post with a link to it once it arrives!

EDIT: Behind the Dice seems to be revised to come out on Monday! Sorry, you’ll have to wait a few more days!

What else am I doing? I’m working hard on the publicity for the Order of the Link Kickstarter, obviously! It’s a brilliant game, and I’m proud to have helped in its development. It’s funded now, so the book is guaranteed with all Shades of Vengeance’s might – so no reason not to back it if you’re at all a fan of d20 games.

Just in case there is anyone out there who is bruning for an update and can’t wait till Monday, Era: Lyres has one final spot open for Beta testing. The game’s good fun, and it even has audience generation so the GM can just sit back, relax and enjoy the players’ story (oh, and roll a dice occasionally…). Of course, Amy will say a bit more on that in her Monday post!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported either or both the Era: The Consortium and Order of the Link Kickstarters, and there’s one individual who has actually supported every Kickstarter we have ever done, including the first Era: The Consortium one (in £!) and Amazing Space Adventures, so special thanks to “Trip the Space Parasite” (no, really!).

– Ed

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