What Will Be Inside The Survival Kickstarter? – The Oracle

I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly you can expect to find in the upcoming Survival Expansions Kickstarter so I’m here today to break it down for you.

Just like our Consortium Expansions, there will be 3 books available right out of the gates. After we reach 100% funding, a new expansion book will be made available for each Stretch Goal that follows. The rewards here can really stack up as more people join the Kickstarter everyone will benefit with additional Expansion books. We will also be creating a “Death-finitive” Edition Era: Survival Rulebook which will include loads of bonus material! I’ll have more details for these books as we get closer to the event but trust me, you’ll have everything you need to get inside the world of Survival and create some amazing sessions.

Ed is also going to be offering a new Campaign group through this Kickstarter which will focus on the many trials and tribulations of establishing a colony on Gaia. One such tribulation is Infected Sharks. I’ve been given an image to share with you today of this beast, just one of many creatures you will have to endure if you want to survive this game. This image comes from the upcoming Aqua expansion and is created by Mikhail, the original artist from Survival.

The Infected Shark3

So, now you have some more information to help you plan how best to get in on these great expansions. There’s going to be a lot available!

Aside from Survival news I just have one other thing to share with you before I go today. I regret to inform you that Era: The Chosen has been delayed. The writer who was working with Ed is unable to commit to completing the project. We are sad to lose a good writer but you shouldn’t worry because Ed will definitely be coming back to this game again in the future. Our timeline has extended but we will get this game to you!

That’s it for me, I’ll see you on Saturday for Consortium news!