Work is Ramping Up! – The Oracle

MCM Comicon is over and we had a great time running games, talking RPG creation, and just generally hanging out with all our fans and friends. Thank you to everyone who showed up and got to know us and our games a little better. Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the online competition or followed along through Twitter and Facebook. You guys are great!

Now that the big convention is over we can focus more heavily on production of our games. We’ve got a bunch of new artwork for Survival created and they just keep coming. It’s really turning out fabulous!

Last week, Ed and Freddie sat down together for a working playtest. They took it through a rough test run and everything is looking just great. Right now they’re focused on balancing the elements properly which is a very serious part of development. One wrong move and it could take your game play from amazing to disastrous, or at least seriously difficult. I have confidence that they’ll turn it out just fine.

Back with more news next week!


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