Working hard!

Hi everyone!

As you probably gathered from Amy’s post yesterday, I’m rather busy right now!

Era: The Consortium is the most busy thing for me right now, with the Digital Rulebook being finished off, and the program also going along reasonably well.

Order of the Link comes a close second, now that it’s hit its first Stretch Goal. If you haven’t had a look already, check it out – it’s the product of over 30 years of game development, not something I think you’ll see often! I’d like to thank everyone that has helped and backed us on that project.

I’m dealing with the last of Marked for Death’s artwork and the layout of Era: Lyres, hoping to get those towards Kickstarter before long.

And finally, I’m working with Frontier and “Defend the Planet” on their rules and game background – they are both coming along nicely! You can look forward to hearing more on those soon, I think!

– Ed


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