World domination, one shop at a time! – The Oracle

It started with Wayland games in Essex, moved on to Orcs Nest in London and now I am thrilled to let you know that Ed has made agreements with at least four more shops!

We want everyone and their Great Aunt Suzie to be able to get these games so Ed is working like a machine to make them available. He’s been making calls, sending out informational packets and doing all the wheeling and dealing he can fit in between new game development

In a few weeks I’ll give you a list of the shops where you can find the Era games. Until then, if you’ve got a local comic or game shop that you’d like to see carrying our books please give Ed a shout and we’ll put them on our call list.

I’ve got just one last bit of news for you today. Starting next week we will be following along with the production of our newest Era title with its own weekly post. This survival horror game is just getting into production but it’s already got its own webpage and will be taking the place of our Monday updates on Lyres. So keep your survival notebook handy and I’ll be passing along everything you need to know to make it through another day.

See you next week!


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