A New Year, A Living Campaign!

As the New Year brings new opportunities for all, there are more futures to consider.

One way to make your mark is to change the Consortium forever: our Living Campaign will start at the end of January 2020!

A Living Campaign allows YOU to shape the future of the Consortium by sending us the results of your sessions (via E-mail to publishing@shadesofvengeance.com or on Discord – https://discord.gg/6C4H9Cv ). Ed will change the areas of influence for the Consortium and the Resistance according to what happens personally, and that will mean everyone is affected by your experience!

What happens in the Living Campaign will shape the world for the upcoming Consortium book, which will begin its story in 452CE, so your characters may even be featured if you contribute…

All expansions are allowed, so you can customise your experience – take the fight to cyberspace, trade routes or the minds of your enemies.

N.B. If you got The Era Zone and have issue #3, you can send us a message NOW to shape the starting position for everyone else!

2020 is your chance to make your mark on the Consortium, so choose your faction and fight for control!

A great place to get started is with our Definitive Edition, with includes plenty of expanded story and genre-bending GM tips. You can get it here: https://www.shadesofvengeance.com/product/era-consortium-definitive-edition-rulebook-digital/

Happy New Year from the Shades of Vengeance team, and here’s to some new opportunities!

– Leo

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