Amazing Space Adventures Available now on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone!

You might remember that, several years ago, we worked with Wayne Brown and the Rochester Fantasy Fans to create Amazing Space Adventures in one of our first ever Kickstarters! They had been developing the idea behind it for well over 20 years and when they met us at Animé North in Canada, they decided they would like to work with us to make their dream a reality.

It was a success, and a book was created. That book is Amazing Space Adventures!

I fell in love with the concept immediately – the chance to explore the solar system the way Sci-Fi writers of the 50’s had imagined it: the plains of Mars, haunted by a lost civilisation; the jungles of Venus, hiding horrible and deadly creatures; the ice fields of Europa, with unknown life-forms beneath the frozen layer.

I took their concept and wrote the content that they needed to make the game work. I worked closely with them to expand on and upgrade their rules, and we eventually completed a Rulebook Primer for this game.

That Rulebook Primer is now available on DriveThruRPG, as of today:–Rulebook-Primer

At less than $1, I hope you’ll consider checking out this innovative and fun game, inspired by the golden age of Sci-Fi!

If you want to get the Paperback version, you can get it from our Store:

I hope you find the adventure you’re looking for out there! I know we did!

– Ed