And the winner is… – The Oracle

I want to hear a nice big round of applause for our Facebook game giveaway winner – Jonathan Baddeley!

Jonathan is now the proud owner of his very own copy of Star Realms. Well done Jonathan, we salute you! I am thrilled to announce that because of the interest you all showed in our first giveaway we’re gonna wind up and do it again.

The game you will be competing for this time is Cogs, a steampunk-styled 3D puzzle solver with more than 50 unique levels. I’ve checked this one out myself and may just have to pick up a copy. Same rules apply, check out our Facebook page for all the nuts and bolts. Get it… “nuts and bolts”… “Cogs”… alrighty then!

Getting back to our Shades of Vengeance updates…

I have a couple of announcements today and the first is that I just got word Shades of Vengeance has signed a contract to assist in the creation of Brendan Geiger’s new game. This science fiction RPG, unofficially titled “Frontier” is still in the early stages of development so there’s not much to report but I’ll keep you up to date as the weeks go by.

The next big news I have for you is that we’re looking for someone to join us! We’re so busy with all the games we’re currently working on that we’re going to hire on help. If you love RPG games and want to be a part of their creation then considering applying for our Game Developer position.

This person will assist in the development of games submitted by other people. Of course, if you have some ideas for a new game we’d be happy to help you with that as well. We’re looking for someone who has experience with RPG rules but a sincere enthusiasm to help others achieve their dreams is also a must! The Game Developer will be a project-based position where you’ll receive game details and will work at making its rules and ideas better until the finished product is acceptable to the creator. Compensation for this position will be a percentage of the fee that Shades of Vengeance will charge.

If you’ve waded through the last two paragraphs and are still interested, get your letter of interest and relevant experience to Ed –, or apply through the website, if you prefer.

While I’m talking about opportunities I want to mention that we’ve recently chosen a Marketing Assistant to join us for the May MCM Comicon event in London. This doesn’t mean that you should stop sending in applications. We will have room for another assistant at the event and we’d love for you to be there! There’s time left but don’t wait too long or the last spot will get taken. Just like before, email us your letter of interest.

Have you ever wondered who our intrepid leader is? Ed Jowett is the person responsible for this whole operation. He’s our Yoda but without the speech impediment. I’m sure you’ve read his news posts and perhaps seen a few pictures or met him at an event…but how much do you really know about him? Some say that he’s half machine and has only slept 12 minutes since 1999. Others say that he lives in an underground cave, perfecting his singing voice…whatever the case may be, we will find out very soon. The creative folk at Dice and Stuff are planning to interview Ed in the next week or so about game creation and Era: The Consortium. Let’s hope they ask some of those other burning questions as well. We’ll throw a link up to the interview just as soon as it comes through.

That’s it for today! Until next time.

– A

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