An Assassin’s Target (Image from Era: Hitman)

Senator George Winston was an unpopular official. His elitist views, narrow minded rhetoric, and flashy opulence made him an enemy of most of the district he was supposed to represent. However, as much as he was disliked among the regular people, it wasn’t until recently that he’d begun to gain a few high-dollar enemies. The kind of enemies who wouldn’t think twice about paying good money to plant a man they didn’t like, six feet under the ground.

Mina crept along the second floor of the Senator’s mansion home. After a brief scuffle with some gate security guards, her team had advanced and made short work of the ground’s crew. Securing the massive estate, on the other hand, had turned into a room by room man hunt. The team announced their position and status over their communication devices as they went.

“Strickland here. Library is clear, no sign of the Senator and I am seriously short on ammo.”

“Gregor here. I’m the same, powers are all drained. Almost done sweeping the wine cellar, this dude has some epically old bottles down here… anybody want one?”

“Hey, save me two. Might make me look good with the wife for our anniversary next week. Simons here. I’ve got maybe one good push left with my power, otherwise I’m out. The kitchen and staff rooms are clear.”

Mina crouched just outside a room which glowed with a warm fire. “Mina here. Might have something in one of the second floor bedrooms.” She whispered.

Mina slid into the room, her back against the wall and rifle searching for a target. A well dressed man sat in a high backed chair near an elaborate fireplace. In front of him, a thin nosed man with slicked back blonde hair stood like a guard dog. Mina didn’t wait for confirmation, this had to be the Senator. She fired four rounds.

The thin nosed man flicked his hands as if he were swatting flies and the bullets swerved around their target, burying themselves into the walls. Mina cursed, of course a man like this could afford to hire a telekinetic. The man in the chair smiled.

“Do you think you’re the first assassin to try and kill me?” He stared at Mina and the firelight reflected off his eyes, giving him a mad look. He dismissed her with a wave of his hand, “Bruno, deal with her.”

The blonde man ran his fingers through his hair and retrieved a handful of sharp metal darts from his coat pockets. He made them hover above his shoulders, pointing towards Mina. “This will only hurt for a second.”

“You’re right,” Mina replied, still aiming her rifle at the men. She closed her eyes and concentrated all her willpower. Pulling every last bit of strength through her mind, she felt the warmth of the fire consume her. Her eyes snapped open and the light of the flames gave her eyes a brilliant glow.

“This is going to hurt,” Mina said as she released all her built up energy in one brutal tidal wave of flames which reached out of the fireplace to engulf both men. It was over in a matter of seconds.

Mina smiled as she spoke through her comm device, “Mission accomplished, target is down and deep fried. Gregor you better pick me up one of those bottles. I’m feeling a little parched.”


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