#AudioDramaSunday Experience the Consortium with Radio Free Taranis

This #AudioDramaSunday, you can enter the Consortium with Midnight Terry as your guide!

Radio Free Taranis is an audio drama based around the life of a disenfranchised member of Taranis’s population. Midnight Terry speaks to anyone who wants to listen every week via pirate radio, informing them of the Big Eight’s activities, the Resistance’s faults and making suggestions about how people can more constructively stand against the Consortium’s evil.

This is a great way to get an idea of how the ordinary people on Taranis see the Consortium and truly experience the world as created!

Get three episodes for free this #AudioDramaSunday!

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The Plot

Midnight Terry is an independently-minded individual whose sister disappeared shortly after getting an excellent job at Hayden Bank. Lost and confused, he began broadcasting, hoping to reach Faith or someone who had seen her.

He quickly realised that he has more to offer than just calling for her. Taranis is crying out for help and advice, and there are very few people willing to give it. As a result, he decided that he would be that person, research the Big Eight’s and the Senate’s corruption and reveal it to the people.

Quickly becoming a hero to many, Terry teamed up with an advertiser and began improving his broadcast…

The Cast

Leo Cosh as Midnight Terry

Ed Jowett as the Edvertiser and the Smertios Security Officer

Jennifer Hale as Faith

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