#GamesOriginMonday – Era: The Consortium

Eleven years ago, Ed started writing Era: The Consortium. That was the first time you would would identify the game we now have. But the roots of the

Six GM’s were asked to run a game of Firefly as part of a 24-hour event, but they decided to come up with their own sci-fi universe instead. In 2008, this team of six GMs put together a sci-fi universe that was somewhat inspired by Firefly. The Orion Incident – a key part of the universe’s history, as well as the titular starship – can actually be traced back to this original 24-hour game!

After university, Ed went off to work and realized that he was unsatisfied and bored without running games, so in 2011 he got together a group of family and friends to play with. This group that he put together and the campaign they ran became what is now known as the Stiletto Unit. During the original 24-hour campaign in 2008, Ed came down with food poisoning and was unable to complete his part of the campaign, so he picked it back up in 2011 with the original run of Stiletto Unit.

Ed’s favourite book to write was The Consortium as it is a compilation of his lifelong love of sci-fi and holds a special place in his heart. His favourite game to GM is Era: Forbidden because it runs with smaller groups and allows you more time to have character development. You can find him running these two games almost weekly on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/6C4H9Cv)!

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