This Autumn’s Consortium Kickstarter – The Oracle

You’ve asked for it and we’re going to deliver. Ed will be bringing out the next set of Consortium Expansion books in October! This planned event will intersect with both MCM in October and AetherCon in November.

As most of you know, our last Consortium Expansion Kickstarter went gangbusters and we were able to create a ton of new books. However, there were still some that we didn’t reach and we would love an opportunity to bring them to you. Ed has taken your feedback and developed a new offering of books. The first up will be Free Trader and New Worlds, followed by many more!

This next set of expansions will bring you even further into the world of the Consortium and let you play in areas that were previously unestablished. The list of new titles is steadily growing and as we work to put together this event I’ll be able to share with you more of what we’re going to offer. So, stick close and I’ll keep you up to date on this and all our other projects.

See you next week!