Battlecruiser Alamo Will Be Coming To You As An RPG! – The Oracle

Fans of Richard Tongue’s expansive sci-fi military series will have another way to enjoy his rich world as we work to bring you the first-ever rpg based on the Battlecruiser Alamo novels.

This popular novel series will be powered by our Era d10 Rule Set so you’ll be ready to pick up and play this game from the minute it arrives. The storyline is being brought to life and written by not only our own Ed Jowett but also the author of the Battlecruiser Alamo series himself, Richard Tongue!

Plans for this rpg include exploring new regions of space while you take part as a member of the crew on a Thermopylae Class Battlecruiser. This game will bring with it loads of new revelations about the universe that no-one has seen before! So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran of this military series or you’re just hearing about it for the first time, I think you’ll enjoy this game. You won’t have to wait long to get a copy as we do expect this book to be available in the first half of 2018!

There are so many fantastic games coming your way this year. You’ll get to pick between dark terrors with Era: Chosen, super-powered action with Era: The Empowered, military sci-fi with Battlecruiser Alamo and more! Keep checking back here for updates on Alamo and all our other games.

On Saturday I’ll show you another image of our upcoming Era: The Consortium miniatures so be sure to swing back then. See you next time!