Champion of Earth is Fully Funded, Plus Era: Survival news – The Oracle

With over 30 days left to go, Champion of Earth is already entirely funded! This fast-paced card game took only 36 hours to reach 100% and has already unlocked some fabulous Stretch Goals! Whether you’re interested in having a digital copy, physical copy, exclusive Kickstarter expansion content or even a T-shirt you should hop into our first-ever card game Kickstarter and see what all the fuss is about.

Through the next several weeks I’ll be sharing more details about Champion of Earth as well as reward specific information but if you want to get the daily dish on what’s happening you should head over to our facebook page where Ed is doing a daily post on everything you need to know about our latest game. There is a lot going on!

I don’t just have Kickstarter news for you today. Ed has also let me know that our Shades of Vengeance games will be available soon through Indie Press Revolution in the U.S. This popular distributor for indie games is going to be a great addition to our network and that’s fabulous news for anyone here in the states looking to find these games. Keep checking back here for more details on where and when you can locate our titles.

I’ve talked about Champion of Earth’s amazing beginning to its Kickstarter run. I’ve also let you in on a new avenue where you can find our games in the future. So, that just leaves one thing left to say…

Raise your bloody stump if you love Era: Survival!

Era: Survival is one of our most loved games with a strong base of rabid fans who enjoy a good zombie showdown every now and again. At Shades of Vengeance we love nothing more than giving our fans what they want so I am pleased to announce that work has begun on the long anticipated Era: Survival Expansions!

This set of expansions will be introduced much like the Era: The Consortium- A Universe of Expansions Kickstarter. We expect to run things in May/June with a Kickstarter that features multiple expansions based on the Stretch Goals. The more people who join us, the bigger the rewards will grow for everyone! So, start coming up with plans for how you’re going to defend against the Swarm and which faction you’re going to join in order to survive on Gaia.

That’s all I’ve got today, come back on Saturday for Consortium news!