Come See What We’re Doing On Patreon – The Oracle

The Patreon offerings are growing and it’s time you heard a little more about what we’re doing. Patreon is a great way for you to help us create new things while at the same time walking away with brand-new content every month. We often test out new game ideas, share beta test copies, and give our supporters a chance to weigh in on what they’d most like to see from us. Our Patrons also score frequent bonuses and extras that aren’t always made available to anyone else. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Well, this will be your last chance to grab all of this month’s swag so now is a fantastic time to get started in our community of supporters.

So, what’s on offer this month?

For June we’re sending out 3 fantastic wallpapers and several game sessions. Our featured image today gives you a glimpse of the images we’re handing out. Do you know which games these are from?

In the June pack of content there is another monthly session for Era: The Consortium. Right now we’re fighting the Bug War but you’ll also be able to grab all of the previous sessions as well so there’s no fear of getting tossed into something you’re not prepared for just yet. These sessions are written by Johnathan Killstring and edited by Ed Jowett!

Also for this month you’ll receive a session for Era: Survival as well as Encounters on the Edge of Space. That’s three sessions for three different games!

If you’re a fan of fast-paced survival action I think you’ll enjoy Era: Survival. In these sessions you’ll need to protect your Foundation from attack by the various denizens of Gaia. It’s a great place to start and a really interesting and varied campaign.

Encounters on the Edge of Space is a setting-neutral campaign that includes the sort of aliens, bacteria, and technology which you could encounter anywhere in space. This allows you the freedom to use the session in any number of ways and within various universes. The choice is up to you how you’d like to play. The great part is, all of these sessions come to you free every month with your support.

If you enjoy getting new content, sneak peaks, and being part of our behind-the-scenes action then I recommend you head over to Patreon and consider joining our community.

Saturday I will have a bit of Consortium news for you so come on back to see where we’re heading! See you then!