Consortium Expansion Details – The Oracle

All of our remaining Expansion books are hard at work in their separate development processes. Things are chugging along well and even on the project that has seen some delay we are still expecting to finish well in advance of our commitment date of October. So, where are we at now?

Ed has just confirmed that the New Worlds print run has been given the go-ahead. We should be seeing physical copies of this book in short order so you won’t have to wait much longer to get your hands on one! Time Travel Part 4 is our project that has encountered some small delay as the book is undergoing proofreading. The same proofreader who is working on Time Travel Part 4 is also working on Era: The Empowered for the mid-year deadline we’re hoping to reach. That’s a lot of work to be done but we’re confident that we can still deliver this Consortium Expansion head of the October deadline.

The Home Base expansion book now has a graphic designer! This designer will be building the example ships which display slots for places where facilities can be placed. You should be fairly familiar with some of those facilities already as they have been our featured images recently. Today’s image details the Life Support System, as you can imagine, this is the most vital system you’re going to have in your ship. We’re very excited to see what this graphic designer will create for us and we’ll be sure to share updates just as soon as we get them!

That’s it for updates this week, I’ll be back again next time with some news about our upcoming attendance at MCM Comicon.

See you then!