Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Creatures from the Outsystem – The Oracle

I love sci-fi games for two reasons: one, the technical gear is fascinating, and two, the creatures are literally out-of-this-world. You could find yourself feeding candy snacks to something that looks like E.T. one day and the next you’re running through the jungle from a Predator that thinks your head will look marvelous on its mantlepiece. Aliens are intriguing, mysterious, dangerous, and the subject of our next Consortium Expansion!

Ed and Matthew Knighton have worked together to create 30 encounters as well as their corresponding adventure seeds for the Creatures of the Outsystem expansion book. This book will bring you some fabulous interaction possibilities with aliens and you’ll be pleased to know that it is also compatible with any sci-fi RPG such as; Star Wars, Star Trek, Starfinder, Traveller, and of course Era: The Consortium. Add these creatures to your regular gaming sessions to spice things up!

These creatures are featured in encounters which are part of our ongoing Patreon campaign. For those of you who are not familiar with this platform this is the place where we introduce new sessions and have free giveaways each month! The Creatures of the Outsystem book will be a collection of the encounters that will be gradually released through Patreon. A few have shown up even now and more will be released over the next few years. If you’d like to check them out in the Patreon format head over to our page [ ]

However, the entire collection will be released in printed format through the upcoming Era: The Consortium Expansion Kickstarter. Aliens aren’t all cute hats and three-fingered hands though so be prepared for some pretty intense interactions. These encounters will put you to the test. Do you have what it takes to brave the horrors found on the edges of known space?

Catch me next week for more Consortium updates and news!