Consortium Expansion Spotlight: New Worlds – The Oracle

Today I get to share with you some details about our next Expansion book in the upcoming Kickstarter extravaganza. The first thing I want to share with you is that this book is written by Ed Jowett and Darren Watts. Darren is known for his work on the new Conan RPG as well as many other fabulous projects. We’re thrilled that he’s writing with us and can’t wait to see what he does!

As far as game play and additional material; this book is designed to offer players all the mechanics and equipment they will need for exploring brand new worlds! Let’s face it, one of the perks of playing a sci-fi game is the idea that you get to delve into never-before-seen realms. If you love finding unique territories and alien environments that this book is one you’ll want to check out. It will include a GM’s Guide for exploration encounters, a story sequence, and loads more.

The story isn’t just a simple setup to the game. It will also lead to a further expansion of the Consortium! The  storyline will follow a small group of scavengers on the outskirts of the Damara system who accidentally encounter a wormhole. Now that they’ve made this discovery, what should they do?

You know the Big Eight are going to want to be involved in this historic find. If you’re wondering what this means for our small group of scavengers, I’ll tell you. They must now find a way to protect not only their investment but also their lives, and they’re going to have to do it fast.

You’ll have a chance to get this and all the other Expansion books from our upcoming Kickstarter so keep coming back for more details on what you can find!

Catch you next time!