Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Time Travel Campaign 4 – The Oracle

I have another Expansion spotlight for you today and this time we get to build on a series which you just might be familiar with. The Consortium’s Time Travel Campaign follows the adventures of a team sent back to the very beginning of the Consortium. Their mission is to forever alter the natural course of history in order to prevent a future catastrophic event. No small task!

Book 4 will continue this storyline and give you the opportunity to mould the Consortium in a new direction. Graeme Penman and Ed Jowett have been working on continuing the story of this campaign for almost a year now, since the last Kickstarter ended, and they’ve created some fantastic scenarios!

Although these sessions have all been released on Patreon, you can expect an updated and improved book, just like the previous Time Travel books, when it is released in the upcoming Kickstarter. If you want to know more about the Time Travel Campaign, there’s no better way than to jump in and start playing from book 1. You can find a copy on now! If you’re already familiar with the series you can keep up with the unfolding story through Patreon.

So, that just leaves one last question. How would you change the Consortium?

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See you next week for more news and updates!