Day Four of Champion of Earth – Artwork

Hi everyone! Today, I get to talk about one of my favourite subjects in game design – Artwork. As a side note, the Kickstarter is still ongoing and you can get hold of Champion of Earth right here.

Sophia Michailidou has worked with me on nearly every project I’ve ever done in game design, which is a fairly impressive credential. Her work is absolutely stellar and I knew that no-one else would be the right choice to bring Champion of Earth to life!

I’ve not regretted that decision for a moment: she’s done an amazing job and really brought this universe to life in a way I hadn’t even imagined.

From the Giant Eyeball to the Alien Colonist…


And the equipment of all shapes and sizes…


To the characters that you play within the game…

cover slice

…I simply could not be more pleased with the look and feel of this universe.

This is a high standard of art that very few indie card games achieve and I think that has value beyond measure.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with some more thoughts on Champion of Earth. In the meantime, please check out the Kickstarter if you didn’t already!

– Ed