Day Twenty-Three of Champion of Earth – Characterisation

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder: all this is about the Champion of Earth Kickstarter ( It’s up for another 2 weeks or so, so don’t miss out!

Today, I’m talking about the 6 characters that are in Champion of Earth.

They don’t provide any mechanical difference, it’s all for flavour. But you can’t forget where you’ve come from, right? In my case, it’s Roleplaying Games, so I’ve given them all a backstory of their own…

cover slice

I won’t bore you with the details, but I will point out two things…

Firstly, the Vampire Slayer has the best hair. That’s all Sophia, I can take no credit for that. But she has the best hair out of anyone ever.

Secondly, is it me, or does the Ninja get way more love than anyone else in this picture? I’m sort of beginning to believe that Sophia might have a favourite character?

– Ed

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