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Hi everyone!

Things have been pretty crazy here for a while now. I’ve got no real plans to change anything, although certain individuals are trying to persuade me to take a day off at some point. I’m thinking end of 2016, maybe…?

So, what’s going on right now?

With Era: The Empowered’s Primer completed, off for printing and the Kickstarter very close to being ready to go, I’ve been working primarily on the overall story arc for the full rulebook – yep, there is a full rulebook planned. It’s pretty ambitious, to be honest – we’re trying to create a universe full of superheroes, approximate in size to what Marvel and DC have active at any one time. It’s going very well for now, though I’m trying to figure out the best way to get some of the scope in where it’s more difficult: I want to include a couple of alternate universes and also a future time bracket! I’ve certainly not given up on anything, but this book is going to take a while to complete. The game is fantastic and I definitely recommend checking out our Kickstarter when it begins (aiming at starting in about 2 weeks!)

Era: The Consortium’s first expansion, The Secret War, is written and almost ready to go. I’ve found an excellent artist and we’re working through the images we’re going to be including in the book right now! I think you’ll like it, it really does look brilliant. It also adds a whole new level to gameplay with the potential for solo campaigns or even for a player party to go head to head with a Shade or Phantom! I’m aiming to run a Kickstarter for that once the Empowered Primer Kickstarter is cleared up (Kickstarter frowns on your running more than one project at a time!) – perhaps the end of this year or the beginning of 2017? Either way, believe me, it’s worth the wait!

Era: Survival is going great. Working with someone else to actually create a game is pretty new to me – until now, the creative process of designing the world has pretty much been my process alone. Freddie’s been brilliant to work with and I think we’ve got a stronger game thanks to his participation. Whether that means that I stop creating games myself… we’ll have to see! So, for the book, we’ve written the world information and are working on the stories that will bring the world to life for all of you. We’re also creating artwork as an ongoing process while we write and playtest the game – keep an eye out on the weekly Wednesday slot for more of those. We’re hoping to run the first playtest after MCM Comicon (we’re a little busy with prep until then!), and I’ll definitely let you know how it goes. This game is really different to anything I’ve ever made before, it’s really interesting to be writing a game which is focused on trying to survive in a difficult and dangerous world, rather than change the situation. Jennifer Martin, one of the writers from the Consortium team, is the perfect writer to be working on this book with me – just trust me on this one!

So, in summary, we’re doing well, we’re keeping going with designing games and we hope to keep bringing you games for a long time yet!

– Ed

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