The Empowered Kickstarter Is Coming To An End – The Oracle

This Sunday will be the end of our latest Kickstarter event. The Empowered is a collection of short stories created through the collaboration of our writing team and imaginative backers like you. It will only be available for a few more days so get in there and check it out before it’s gone!

We’ve had a great time running this event and have already unlocked 3 Stretch Goals, so there’s even more for everyone to enjoy. Those awesome extras include a unique cover that will be designed by our own Keith Draws, as well as a copy of the rulebook Primer edition for Era: The Empowered and a trial session. I know you’ve got some brilliant ideas for new super powered characters and we’d love to see them included this book, so don’t wait!

We’re counting down now to the release of the full Era: The Empowered rulebook on Kickstarter. It won’t be long before you’ll get a chance to play some of these fantastic characters and use the powers you’ve been given to save or destroy the world. To follow along with every up-to-the-minute progress of this game, get behind the scenes information, and even see some of our early concept sketches you can join our Facebook group at

On Saturday, I get to show off some new Consortium images so be sure to check back soon.

See you next time!