End of Kickstarter Week 2 – Sophia Michailidou

Hi everyone!

Week 2 has come to an end, and it’s truly inspiring to see so much support for this project we’ve all put so much time and effort into.

If you’re going to MCM Comicon in London this weekend, we’re actually there running games for the whole three days, as well as a few panels to talk about game production and mechanics. You’ll be able to buy at least some of the Kickstarter rewards from us (though not all, I’m afraid!), and even play through a session with either myself or one of the other GMs we have for the convention. Come and say hi, we’re over near the Canteen somewhere!


This week has been quite eventful for us, our MajorSpoilers offer has kicked off (go have a listen to one of their podcasts that we sponsored – Critical Hit 271, for example!), and we ran a Q&A session at the RPGnet Chatroom. The moderator of the room, Dan, keeps a chatlog on his blog, if you’re curious what came up! And, of course, tomorrow is our first day at MCM Comicon London.


Another insight into our staff today – we’re going to talk about one of the artists who has done a huge amount of work for the book – more than any other – Sophia Michailidou.

When and how did you get into art?

I have been into art since I can remember. my parents kinda dragged me into it, though without that being their intention… growing up, my dad was an architect and my mom an artist, so it was just around me always.

My one and only career choice was becoming an artist, so I went to the University of Fine Arts in Greece and after I graduated I learned to work digitally since I had no space to work with traditional art at home and I fell in love with it… and this is what I’m still doing until today!


What do you like about this project?

This project started for me completely spontaneously; one day I was hanging around the net and I saw this job and I said to myself “Ok why not? It would be interesting to do something different.”

After the project began, I started to enjoy working on these Sci-Fi images and getting into the skin of every character and situation I had to deal with. I really like working with Shades of Vengeance! We are always discussing everything and I have a full understanding and cooperation on all the matters.

I learned so many things from this project and I think it is making me a better artist.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked to draw?

This is a tough question, I don’t know what’s normal anymore!

I think that drawing something from other’s people imagination is already kinda crazy, so I can’t think of anything specific… I am so used to that everything looks normal to me!


What’s your favourite picture from the ones you’ve done for Era: The Consortium?

Hmmm… It’s hard to pick just one from so many pictures I have done for this project. I really like the weapons section, I never thought I had that in me.

But if I have to choose one I will go with “Fearless” Quirk. I believe it has a great dynamic pose and transfers the feeling of the whole atmosphere to the viewer.


Once again, thanks for reading and thanks for your backing!

– Ed

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