End of Week 3 – Johnathan Lewis

Hi everyone!

The third week of our Kickstarter has come to an end, and we’re pleased to tell you that we’ve achieved another Stretch Goal, so all of you who pledged $5 or more will be getting a new 7-page comic when it’s released, Counting Down From One Part 1! This follows the actions of a small group of time travellers out to change the history of the Consortium.

As a celebration of the end of our third week, today we’re talking to Co-Writer and Editor Johnathan “Synaid” Lewis.

When and how did you get into writing?

I was actually going to college to be a computer professor and my advisor suggested that I take courses as opposite to computer programming as I could to keep from burning out. So I started taking literature courses. Somehow, that evolved into writing.

My Bachelor’s degree is in English – I never did get that programming degree! Instead, I got into consulting on storylines and such for various companies (mostly behind the scenes stuff, particularly villain dialogue in recent years) and being a writer for various indie comics. Era: The Consortium ¬†will be one of the first times that my name has been on something this big.


What do you like about this project?

I think my favourite thing is the creative way in which we’ve been able to tell the lore, not just short stories, but we’ve done letters that were sent home and censored, news stories and even a story where a woman sits in an office listening to a recording and we see is her reactions to it.

We’re also releasing comics on the side which expand the universe – both the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit and the new comic we’ll be releasing as we’ve just hit $2000! It’s really great to get my name on comics, since I’ve been working on them for so long.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked to write?

I was asked to write a story about three hungry girls trapped in a room together. I had to turn that one down, though.


What’s your favourite story from the ones you’ve done for Era: The Consortium?

I loved writing Elliot Draigon, who we see as a Tim Curry type villain. In particular, there’s one story where he almost gets assassinated.


Thanks for following us this far, and we’re pleased to be looking towards the last week of our Kickstarter and the possibility we may even break another Stretch Goal.

– Ed

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