Era: The Chosen Announcement! – The Oracle

Today I get to delve a little more into a game that we’ve introduced but which still remains a bit of a mystery. Era: The Chosen is our first game which really pulls back the layers of the horror genre and sinks its teeth into a dark universe. The book is being written by four fantastic writers; Ed Jowett, Darren Pearce (Dr Who RPG and lead writer of Judge Dredd), J A Cummings (Ghost Ops) and Jennifer Martin (Era: The Consortium and Era: Survival). These talented folks are going to pull out all the stops and make you check twice under your bed before you fall asleep.

Era: The Chosen is going to join our elite list of full Core Rulebook games; making this the first title in quite a while to achieve this robust kind of treatment. You will have everything you need for extended campaigns and hours of exploration. So, what will it include?

This game will cover three distinct periods of history. There will be; a renaissance era, a victorian era, and a modern era! You’re going to have loads of materials to work with and can choose between any of these time periods which best suit you and your players. The variety of settings will each offer some unique opportunities so be sure to check them all. No matter which history you choose to start your game, you’ll be battling some truly terrifying creatures. The Anonassi come from another dimension to invade ours. They’re immense, they’re deadly, and they’re not going to stop.

As you might expect, a game like this will come with some unique rules and tools. Brand new Terror mechanics have been developed for Era: The Chosen and will assist characters in reacting to the setting. There will also be a Trophies rule, which allows the player to gain bonus abilities based on their achievements within the game.

Era: The Chosen is really coming together well and in the next several weeks I hope to have more details to share with you. Until then, just don’t look too closely in those dark corners!

See you on Saturday for Era: The Consortium news!