Era: Dragonsong (High Fantasy TTRPG) on Kickstarter now!

Hi everyone!

We’ve just launched our latest game, Era: Dragonsong, on Kickstarter. I say our latest game, but the truth is that this has been around for ten years, ever since shortly after I first wrote Era: The Consortium.

Era: Dragonsong is a High Fantasy Tabletop RPG harnessing the power of the Era d10 system to bring a world of ancient magic and mysterious floating archaeopolises to life!

Unlike many other fantasy settings, where wizards and warlocks are rare and treated with fear or suspicion, the world of Era: Dragonsong sees magic as a fundamental part of everyday life. 

With magic flowing through every person and woven into the fabric of society on every level, spells will always be at your beck and call whether you’re a fierce barbarian, a silent monk, or an arcane sorcerer. 

How you choose to use the magic is up to you… 

Era: Dragonsong is a Tabletop RPG based in a world where magic is as ubiquitous as air or water.

Eight unique races dance to the tune of creation, which is known as the Dragonsong.

Giant floating fortresses of magic and riches float in the skies, moored to the ground by impossibly vast, unbreakable chains. When one of these “archaeopolises” crashes to the ground, then wealth, power – and sometimes ruin – come to those who venture within its dungeon-like halls.

The innovative and balanced approach to magic in the Era: Dragonsong rules allow anyone and everyone to wield amazing abilities, removing the harsh restriction of magic users to be unarmoured, feeble scholars. 

A magic user can look like anyone, and in this case, they look like you! 

Simply choose what you want from the eight magic schools, divided between Divine and Arcane spells, and set out for adventure into the wilderness beyond.

The Races of the Dragonsong world are divided into the Light races, who live above the surface, in the sunlight, and the Dark races, who dwell in caves, mines, and tunnels. 

While neither are inherently good or evil, their cultures and experiences differ radically because of the environment that shaped them.

The Era: Dragonsong rules and setting provide a powerful base for you to tell any fantasy story that you wish. With a combination of races, locations, and ideas (both classic to the genre, and refreshingly original) you’re all set for any adventure your heart desires!

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