Penumbra’s Latest Adventure – Available now

Think Galaxy Quest meets Mission Impossible with a superhero twist – I guarantee you’ll be trying to figure out whether the code to the door really was 1, 2, 3, 4 by the end!

Written by Johnathan Lewis and Ed Jowett, with art by Chucks Jo Seph II and lettering by Jahch, the third issue of Penumbra Adventures brings the story of everyone’s favourite shadow-controlling thief to a close for now… as told by Penumbra.

This campaign is to raise funds to print and ship Penumbra Adventures #3 (and offer you a chance to get the other books as well, if you want!). 

If you want to get caught up with our other series like Empowered, Empowered Outsiders, The Bug War and DISARMed, we have tiers for that too!

– Ed

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