Era: The Empowered Core Rulebook is Coming Together – The Oracle

I’ve been talking quite a lot over the past weeks about Era: The Empowered. This captivating universe will be coming to you as an in-depth Core Rulebook very soon, complete with world-immersing character stories, rules of engagement, and everything you’ll need to either save the world or dominate it.

Ed is currently working to finish off this book and get it out to Kickstarter in the near future. And, for those of you awaiting your Tales of the Empowered, I’ll let you know that writing and editing for that book is happening in parallel and is expected to finish off soon as well. To get yourself ready for this exciting world of super powered action I recommend you check out one of these ways to get inside the universe of the Empowered.

The first half of this year is looking set to be a superhero extravaganza. So, strap on your knee-high boots, drag out that spandex bodysuit from last year’s Halloween costume and come join us on one of our most action packed adventures yet!

On Saturday I’ll be giving you a roundup of the latest Consortium book’s development so stop back in for that and I’ll see you soon!