Era: Hitman v1.1 on Kickstarter now!

Hi everyone! Ed here.

I don’t believe that our games are finished when they are printed and sent into the world.

The only way that the best quality can be delivered consistently is by being aware of what it takes beyond the playtesting and printing. Some of the additions that I created for The Era Zone, along with thoughts I’ve had about the character sheet, make excellent improvements to this game, so I decided to re-visit our most popular Pocket game.

I’ve been working on improving Era: Hitman for some time, and I’m certain that you’ll like the results. The book now includes:
– A mission generator, originally published in The Era Zone, which I have used a dozen times at conventions to create instant, awesome sessions!
– A brand new character sheet, which includes usage costs for the Kinetic Abilities and a rearrangement of the elements.
– Several small fixes / typos / rewordings that were needed from v1.0
– and much more…

Join us to bring this new version to life by funding a print run of physical copies and making the dream of a bigger, better Era: Hitman a reality!

– Ed

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