Stonegap is almost exclusively inhabited by dwarves. As a result, it looks rather different to most of the other cities in our realm and, importantly, is underground. Stonegap is the best place in the kingdom to obtain items which are of fine craftsmanship – dwarves are well-known for their skill with metal, wood and all other crafting materials. Contrary to local myth I have found no evidence that the dwarves of Stonegap sing, dance or otherwise whistle while they work.

Stonegap is located in an underground cavern a the Spine of the World, not far north of the Death Marshes.

Stonegap’s architecture is very different to elsewhere in the Kingdom. Huge doorways and low-ceilinged houses are the norm in Stonegap, so much so that people from elsewhere in the Kingdom often experience issues with their greater height. Most of the buildings are made of wood and metal, logged and mined from the nearby mountains. The mines beneath Stonegap stretch deep into the ground. The majority of processed metals come from the great ore pits within this city.

First contact was made with the dwarves of Stonegap over a hundred years ago, when an expedition to the Spine of the World met a small hunting party. Brought back to the city, they presented greetings to the King of Stonegap on behalf of the King of Yarnolth. Trade relations were agreed within the next few years and have led to a long and prosperous relationship between the two greatest cities in our realm.

It has not been without its difficulties, however: who can forget the famous 7-year metal embargo after one of the minor nobles commented that he felt the dwarven king should wear larger hats and possibly heeled boots so no one would be forced to pain their neck in looking down at him.


King Jorin Stonehammer – A generous and beneficent ruler by all accounts, he cares for his people and for the independence of Stonegap above all else. Although he seldom leaves his home city, he does make occasional visits to the King’s Court.


Stonegap’s population is unknown. Adventurers who have visited there estimate that there are around 3000 residents but as so many of their population live in the mines, the accuracy of this is anyone’s guess.

Laws and Customs

Stonegap is fully outside the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Yarnolth, even though it is technically within the borders. King Stonehammer has full authority to administer his city and the immediate area as he sees fit. He is usually lenient to the citizens of the Kingdom of Yarnolth, except for serious crimes.

The customs of the dwarves are very different to those of the rest of the Kingdom… but I don’t have a lot of details, so be aware and be ready for some unusual events!


Cyclopes, Dragons, Dragonkin and the occasional Northern Manticore are the creatures you are most likely to encounter in this region. Only the most experienced adventurers dare roam this area without backup!