Era: Silence Kickstarter Update

The Era: Silence Kickstarter is doing fabulous! We’ve had over 60 people join us in supporting this game and we still have nearly 20 more days to go! Thank you to everyone who has jumped in or passed around the news, we’re always grateful for the love of our fans and we couldn’t be out here making games without your help.

Still wondering what this strange new games is all about? Perhaps you’ve only just heard of us, or you weren’t really sure until now if you were interested. No worries, we have plenty of details to get you up to speed. You can check our Facebook page for daily posts from Ed about all the great challenges in the game. You can head to our website for some good art and info. You can also dive into the Kickstarter Updates. This special area is a place for Ed to communicate with our backers but it’s also a place where he posts some unique content so be sure to check it out or you just might miss some great things… like the latest scenario soundscape in the Quickstart Pack from Leo, called the Burning Village. He did such a good job I was looking around for some marshmallows to toast.

That’s it for me today but I’ll send out one quick reminder that we’re coming to MCM in October so start planning for it now. Our team is already working out which Silence challenges they’re going to have you play. Might as well grab a copy of the game and get some practice in before the big day!

See you next time!

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