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Are you ready for a game that’s going to reel you in and keep you? The more I hear Ed talking about Survival the more I’m sure this game is going to do just that.

Last weekend Ed had a detailed session with this game’s co-creator and they were able to fix a few uncertainties. They’ve got great things planned and it all starts with the core rulebook, weighing in at about 230 pages! So… what exactly is inside this huge book? I’m glad you asked.

This in-depth book is going to include a Bestiary which will hand out detailed descriptions and images of 17 creatures (Infected and otherwise) which you just may happen across during your travels in Gaia. The book will also have a list of the 20 most common Deformities resulting from Infection. I’m all about immersion but something tells me I don’t want that list to include images.

The book will also have three more factions than were previously intended which brings the total to 14! If it fits, Ed is even looking at expansion possibilities for more creatures. More creatures mean more fun for everyone. This game is getting huge and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

That is almost it for me today. Last week I told you that Ed was working on some images and I hoped to get my hands on one for you. Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here it is, enjoy!

2 - Part 2 Title Page

See you next time!


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