Era: Survival Kickstarter – The Organisation of Friends Source Book

Hi everyone!

The Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ] is active and running! This is your chance to get hold of every expansion we unlock (one per Stretch Goal!).

Today, I’m talking about the Organisation of Friends, who run the one place which we might call “civilisation” on Gaia – a place known simply as “City”.

Most would call it corrupt, both morally and financially. However, it’s one of the safest places around: even The Swarm don’t dare to get too close to the huge mounted weapons of City.

The leaders of the Brotherhood live in opulence and luxury, the likes of which most of the Humans of Gaia will never see.

6 - A Just Reward

They also face the never-ending struggle to keep what is theirs as others try to steal from them, discredit and replace them or attempt assassinations to move up the ranks of the Organisation.

This Source Book will allow you to play as an up-and-coming member of the Organisation. Prove yourself willing to do whatever is necessary and perhaps you too can retire into luxury as one of the City Elite…

The only question is:

Will You Survive?

– Ed