Founding and Background

The Nihilists are a small group, but one of the most feared of Gaia. They firmly believe that Humanity has had its day and the only thing left before extinction is suffering at the hands of the Infection. They see it as their duty to save people from that suffering, primarily by taking their lives before they experience it. They do not believe there is any possibility of a cure being found before all of Humanity becomes Infected and have no interest in the claims of groups like the University of Planet, or the belief held by many that simply surviving in this world is enough.

The Nihilists are not an organised group which was formed by an individual. Instead, they are individuals
inspired by a single act – the explosive destruction of the school in Scarred Oak, 18 years ago. A declaration
was published shortly afterwards that the Nihilists would not allow Humanity to fall to Infection – they would
save it by any means necessary. This declaration was spread by hundreds of Runners to nearly every town in
Gaia and inspired many individuals to begin carrying out similar attacks.

The group is known for its suicide attacks on towns, usually involving explosives or automatic weapons.
Nihilists tend to target young people of reproductive age and children, claiming that this approach will save
Humanity from the most suffering. Nihilists work in small cells of two or three people and plan every attack
carefully. Recruitment is so secretive that the identities of Nihilists are seldom known before it is too late to
prevent an attack.

Using this strategy, the movement has carried out many notable attacks in the last 15 years – Nihilists have
levelled 3 buildings in the High-Rise Slums and one in City. They have claimed responsibility for thousands
of deaths across the entirety of Gaia. A number of different strategies have been observed, ranging from
wanderers who are taken in and given shelter by villages, to Traders who carry and set large amounts of
explosives – as long as the people die and are not Infected, the Nihilists feel their aim is achieved.


Nihilists are an anarchistic movement without a leader. Individuals decide to act together, carrying out actions
that they claim are saving Humanity. As anyone can claim membership of the Nihilists, a cell may be controlled
by anyone!

Living Conditions

As Nihilists live among the population of Gaia, they share the living conditions of whoever they live among!

Anyone who wishes to can claim membership in the Nihilists, so the actual number of Nihilists is impossible to
calculate. It is estimated that there are over 100 out there, waiting for their opportunity to strike. Even though
the nature of their work means that they reduce in number constantly, new Nihilists seem to join the cause with
enough regularity to keep the attacks going. No-one is ever certain where they will strike next and many towns
live in fear of attacks which may either devastate the town or never come. More commonly, individuals will carry
out a Nihilist act before fleeing and will be labelled Nihilists by those they leave behind. The only way in which
the Nihilists’ ideals spread is through word of mouth.


Nihilists are universally viewed by every other faction as criminals of the worst kind. In some places, “suspected
Nihilists” are executed before they are able to carry out their plans. Being accused of being a Nihilist is a death
sentence in most parts of Gaia.