Founding and Background

Raiders are unaffiliated groups of individuals who roam the Lo- and Med-Zones around towns, looking for people who stray too far from settlements without enough protection that they can prey upon. They survive on what they steal from Traders, Runners, Hunters and travellers. Anything of value – Brass, food, Injection, weapons, ammunition, clothing and boots – is taken.

The targets are usually killed and left for carrion eaters. There are rumours in some areas that groups end up
so short of food that they cannibalise the Humans they kill, though the abundance of edible reptile life all over
Gaia leads most people to disbelieve that. There have been several recorded occasions of Raider groups
annexing small towns and killing people who live there to steal resources. Highway 101 is under frequent attack
by groups seeking to plunder the rich resources that pass through there, for example, and Base 9 has frequent
assaults from Raiders as well as Infected. Runners are also a common target for Raiders, because it is often
assumed that packages contain items of great value, which can be ransomed.

Each Raider group, however, is different. Some are well-equipped, controlling a vehicle, automatic weapons
and even explosives, while others are just desperate travellers who have run out of luck and have nothing more
than their wits and a blade to keep them alive.

There are numerous Raider groups and, for the most part, they view all others as enemies. The Pylon, in
particular, is a location where numerous Raider bands fight for control – it changes hands on a nearly daily
basis! Raiders are not a massive threat to Human civilisation as such a splintered faction, but many fear that a
large enough alliance between enough Raider groups could mean the end of Humanity.


The leadership of most Raider groups is hotly contested, with more junior members attempting to overthrow
their leaders when the opportunity arises. There is no unifying command behind the Raiders, although there are
occasional alliances and even merging of gangs into a larger force.

Living Conditions

Raiders are seldom allowed to live anywhere but out in the Med-Zones they call home. They live rough,
sleeping on the ground, with only the food they have been able to hunt or steal to live on. The leaders of most
Raider groups are given a larger share of the resources, allowing them to live in relative luxury – a tent and a
bedroll near the fire, for example.


For as long as anyone can remember, there have been those who were unsatisfied with the normal life
available to the population of Gaia. This is the origin of the Raiders – they leave the settled communities and
form gangs to overpower anyone they encounter. It has also been known for Raiders to attack settlements,
defeat the local Warriors and march the women and children away – presumably, some of these are forced to
join their ranks.


Raiders are outlaws and murderers and are often attacked on sight. Defenders, in particular, will seek out and
destroy bands of Raiders whenever they are reported nearby. Most people, however, will avoid Raiders and
attempt to flee if they encounter them. City is one of the few places where even known Raiders are allowed,
providing they follow the laws laid down by the Organisation of Friends. It is believed this is where they obtain
most of their weaponry.