Sisterhood of Pyrus

Founding and Background

The Sisterhood of Pyrus is a group which brings a large proportion of the remainder of Humanity together under its banner. It is particularly focused on taking and inhabiting Vaults found by Runners, Vault Hunters or its own Scouts – Sisterhood members do not live in large groups above ground.

The Sisterhood was founded shortly after the Cataclysm, as an attempt to bring Humanity together through religion. This failed totally – it is said that while the founder had hoped to spread tolerance among Humanity, those who did not join saw the movement as a threat, exiling its followers from the towns.

The Sisterhood retreated into isolation.

The faction has re-emerged within the last 30 years and begun purchasing Vaults in the southernmost reaches
of inhabited Gaia. Claiming the purchased Vaults, representatives of the Sisterhood (often accompanied by
armed guards) began approaching nearby settlements, offering them shelter and safety if they agreed to
become a part of their religion.

Although they are known as the Sisterhood, this is primarily in reference to their ruling class, the Priestesses
of the Flame: only women are allowed to ascend to this position. Men are both allowed and welcome to join,
serving the same functions as they would for any settlement, as anything from Warriors to chefs.

The Sisterhood as a whole does not worship fire. Its followers revere it and use it as a tool in their everyday
lives – not only for heat and light but also for more advanced uses like welding. They see nuclear power
generation as just another use of fire and so have a special interest in holding Vaults which contain that type of


Like many factions on Gaia, the Sisterhood does have a higher level of leadership, but no-one is sure of
the identity or location of that leader. The Priestesses of the Flame are the highest representatives anyone

Living Conditions

The Sisterhood is able to provide shelter and safety to its followers. In return, it demands dedication and work.


As the Sisterhood offers what many perceive as an idyllic lifestyle, there are often individuals who will travel
to the southern regions and join in the hope of finding a better life. Others are routed from their villages by
Sisterhood forces or surrender to the Sisterhood and are allowed to join.


The Sisterhood is widely respected and feared – everyone has heard tales of what happens when members
of the Sisterhood discover that someone knows the location of a Vault: they will take that individual, by force if
necessary. Any village that tries to hide such knowledge from them will be razed to the ground, although some
of the population are usually allowed to leave, carrying a message to the nearest town that the Sisterhood now
owns that location.

On a small number of occasions, forces from a town have attempted to retake locations which the Sisterhood
has claimed. This has always ended in the demise of the attacking forces – the Sisterhood’s engineers know
how to bring automated defences and power generators online and aren’t afraid to do so.