Hayden Bank

HaydenBankLogoFounding and Domain:

Founded by Benjamin Hayden in 2CE, Hayden Bank has been viewed as the most powerful company in the Consortium for most of its existence. Yearly, it makes around twice as much profit as the next company in the Big Eight. It does not allow the founding of other financial institutions, ensuring its monopoly on banking stays intact.

Hayden Bank handles all financial transactions across the Consortium – any purchases, transfers or deposits are via Hayden Bank’s network.

Hayden Bank has collected information on anything and everything that happens in the Consortium since the days of its founding, and is legendary for this ability. Whispered rumours claim that the data is stored in their information cloud, kept encrypted at a level which is unbreakable. The operatives which Hayden Bank uses to gather this information are shrouded in secrecy. Hayden Bank seldom attempts to kill anyone – why kill someone when you have information to control them?

Executive Structure:

Throughout its history, Hayden Bank has been run by members of the Hayden family – direct descendants of Benjamin Hayden himself. Who actually makes what decisions at the top of Hayden Bank is shrouded in as much mystery as the rest of the organisation.

While everyone proceeds with their day to day actions, all orders from senior management are transferred downwards in the CEO’s name – whether the CEO actually creates them all and how much power the board has is completely unknown.

The Hayden Bank tower on Taranis is a familiar sight to most citizens, either from broadcasts, or from standing beneath it: it is a reminder to everyone that Hayden Bank owns the vast majority of Taranis.


Most companies know enough about Hayden Bank to not want a relationship with them – besides the unavoidable financial transactions. Smertios Security has a long-standing relationship with Hayden Bank, as they helped each other originally come into power, and they often work together on covert operations. In these, Smertios Security often functions as the muscle, while Hayden Bank provides all the needed information.

In the Big Eight, Hayden Bank is seen as a neutral observer as, apart from issues which directly affect its profits, it seldom votes on anything, preferring to abstain and allow the Consortium to run its own course.