Finishing Touches For Expansion Games – The Oracle

Every week we seem to be moving ahead with Consortium Expansion books in leaps and bounds. Today is certainly no exception!

The New Worlds proof has now arrived with Ed! He has been taking a close look at this finished product to make sure everything is exactly as we want it and has signed off on an official print run of the book. This is an exciting move and means that you’re going to be holding those physical copies in your own two hands very soon!

Our other expansion book in the works right now, Home Base, is in the process of being given additional images. We want these books to be as engaging as possible so we’re pulling out all the stops and building in plenty of art. This week, the image that I get to share with you is the Engine Core. You’re going to need one of these if you plan to have a spaceship as your home base!

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That’s it for me today, I’ll be back here next week to talk more Consortium updates.

See you then!