Kickstarter Final Words For Era: The Empowered – The Oracle

We’ve made it to the end of two more successful Kickstarters! Both Era: The Empowered’s full rulebook and Blue-Shift’s comic have now finished their events. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to check these out, passed along the campaigns, or helped these projects by becoming a backer. Your support means that we can keep making more magnificent games!

Era: The Empowered ended its event at $8800 which is a great accomplishment. Because of all your generous support we were able to unlock a whopping SIX Stretch Goals! For all you who chose to become a part of this campaign you’re in for some fantastic additional rewards. Every time Ed creates a large-scale Kickstarter like this he adds in more opportunities and more rewards than the last event. In the coming days and weeks, those of you who backed the full rulebook will be getting more details on all those extras and goodies.

This will be our third full-sized game and will weigh in at a hearty 300 pages for its Core Rulebook! We mean to give you as much world-building and correlating content as possible so don’t forget that along with a core rulebook we also have the Rulebook Primer as well as the Tales of the Empowered and several comics to help you fill out those gaming sessions.

Speaking of comics, Blue-Shift had some amazing support from all you fantastic fans as well. With your help we were able to unlock the final Stretch Goal of the Kickstarter. This means that the comic itself will double in length so you’re in for twice as much speedster adventure as before! We will be finishing the lettering and sending this book out to supporters soon.

In thanks for all your help pushing these two Kickstarters past funding and even into some seriously fantastic Stretch Goals, I’ve got a page out of Blue-Shift’s comic to share with you today. This is definitely one of our best looking comics yet, enjoy!

I’ll see you back here on Saturday for some Consortium news!