A Glimpse Into Era: Atlantis – The Oracle

One of our most anticipated new games developing over the coming months is “Era: Atlantis”. Brought to you by Ed Jowett and Guido Valetta (who you might remember from the last MCM Comicon), this game is based on an ancient legend but we’ve added plenty of new ideas to keep you interested.

The world of the game is filled with magic, mystery and intriguing characters. It is based around various half-human races who live underwater along with many different curious creatures. There will be numerous different environments for you to explore from polar regions to tropical seas with differing creatures for each and even humans to encounter. This is a fully developed universe with a wealth of detail so there will be plenty of options for you to run a variety of campaigns.

One of the more unique things we’re doing with this game is the magic system. The magic system will work by calling on your deity. Of course, as with anything regarding such powerful beings, your success will depend on how much favor you have with that chosen deity. This new magic system is just one of several brand new mechanics that Ed will be offering with Era: Atlantis.

Atlantis  is being designed as a Core Rulebook of similar size to Era: Survival, with all the attention to detail, rule elements, and story backgrounds that we can muster. It will be illustrated by our own Sofia Michailidou. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, Sofia is the talented artist behind some of our most enduring games such as; Era: The Consortium, Era: Lyres, Era: Silence, Champion of Earth and many more. This rulebook is going to look fantastic as well as give you an opportunity for a unique gaming experience.

As work progresses on this new game I hope to get you more details and perhaps even a few pieces of art to feed your interest. That’s it for today, join me this Saturday where I’ll catch you up on all the latest Era: The Consortium news!

See you then!