How Long Can You Survive? – The Oracle

I’ve been collecting skills for quite a few years now. I can drive a motorcycle, navigate a sailboat, identify edible fungus and fire a rifle with reasonable accuracy. All this work has been for one very important reason: Survive the zombie apocalypse.

I’m not the only one preparing. Ed is right now working with his fellow in-house game developer, Freddie, to bring you Era’s first ever Survival Horror game. We’re working on a brand new mechanic that will give a few unique twists from what you’ve come to expect in this genre. We at Shades of Vengeance are committed to the preparation of the future and until the day comes that we have to worry about the forces of the undead, we’ll keep bringing you materials to flex those zombie blasting muscles.

However, seeing as how the apocalypse is not upon just yet it gives you a chance to grab tickets for MCM Comicon, London. For those of you who’ve seen us at a convention you’ll know that we love to talk with fans, we love to show off games and above all else we love to run live gaming sessions. This time we’re bringing enough materials and people to run 3 games simultaneously!

We’ve never been able to accommodate so many folks before and we’re really looking forward to meeting and playing with as many people as we possibly can. Get your tickets early for October 23-25th and find us in row 1400. We’ll have paperback and hardcover copies of Era: The Consortium, Era: Lyres (deluxe and regular edition) as well as physical versions of our Counting Down From One comic. If everything goes as planned we’ll also be able to bring physical copies of Era: The Empowered primer! That’s everything you should need to keep you busy until the end of days.

So, off I go to work on another skill. What do you think… tank driving or wilderness first aid?

See you next week!


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